How I Use a Trade Copier to Maximize $$$ | Multiple Props Firms | PC/Mac

This is the ultimate guide on how to install and use a trade copier to trade multiple accounts across multiple prop firms. This will work with all of the major prop firms including TopStep, Apex, etc. How to use a trade copier to copy your trades.

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Some of the questions I’ll be answering in this video:

– How to trade TopStep and Apex accounts at the same time
– How to set up Replikanto trade copier to copy your trades
– How to connect Tradovate, Rithmic, NinjaTrader accounts to NinjaTrader
– How to install a trade copier in NinjaTrader
– How to use a trade copier like Replikanto on a Mac
– How to trade futures in Tradingview directly
– How to copy trades while trading in Tradingview

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0:00 Intro
3:09 Why Copy Accounts
5:56 Step 1: Buy Prop Accounts
8:08 Buying a TopStep Account
9:51 Buying an Apex Account
11:19 Step 2: Using a Mac
13:27 Step 3: Create NinjaTrader Account
16:17 Step 4: How to Add Tradovate Accounts to NinjaTrader
17:40 How to Add TopStep/Rithmic Accounts to NinjaTrader
22:42 Step 5: How to Install Trade Copier for NinjaTrader
26:24 Step 6: How to Use Replikanto Trade Copier
31:42 How to Trade Directly in Tradingview

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