The Complete ICT Trading Strategy Guide [Free Course]

The Complete ICT Trading Strategy Guide [Free Course]

Learning how to trade ICT can be challenging and time consuming. So in this free course, I share the Complete ICT Trading Strategy Guide, which consists of 12 detailed lessons, explained in full, to help you learn how to trade ICT/SMC in 1 video. This will fast track beginners who are trying to learn ICT as it contains all of the important ICT concepts you need to learn in 1 free course, aimed at beginner traders. This will help you get a better understanding of how price moves, how to find the draw on liquidity, how to identify order blocks and fair value gaps, and where to enter/exit trades to maximize profits. If you ever wondered how to learn ICT or how to trade ICT this video is for you

Key lessons mentioned:

1. Liquidity
2. Killzones
3. FVGs
4. Why FVGS happen
5. Order Blocks
6. Timeframes
7. HTF Analysis & Daily Bias
8. DOL
9. SB & Macros
10. Breaker Blocks
11. Entry Models
12. PO3

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00:00 Intro
01:03 Liquidity
07:33 Killzones
13:41 Fair Value Gaps
23:08 Why Do Fair Value Gaps Happen?
24:45 Order Blocks
32:08 Timeframes
35:55 High Timeframe Analysis & Daily Bias
43:30 Draw On Liquidity
50:07 Silver Bullets & Macros
54:07 Breaker Blocks
56:04 Entry Models
01:16:21 PO3

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